Home Security Ensures Family Safety

Protecting our homes against burglary is common in this age. With the unemployment rates on the rise most home invasions are committed by amateurs, and can easily be prevented if we think like a burglar.

This can be done if we take out the biased idea embedded in our minds by Hollywood portraying most burglars as professionals when it comes to stealth. Precautions in your home security can be identified once you cease attempting to protect your home against professionals and begin preventing yourself from burglarizing your own house.

Think As A Thief

security cameraMaking it a habit to lock our houses every time we leave and sleep. 5% of all burglars gain access into the dwelling of unsuspecting victims simply because the doorway or windows were left unlocked, like an invitation. It is always in the good habit to change all locks and tumblers as soon as we move into a new household, or in the event ourselves or somebody inside the home loses their keys. Installing home security systems is a big start as we can leave our home knowing it’s being protected.

However, while home alarm systems are a great start, we must keep in mind the thousands of movies we’ve seen. 9 out of 10 times the burglars cut our security systems hard wiring, in some form.
Tp prevent of this, we can protect our home alarm systems by concealing all wires and access panels. They can’t cut off those wires if they can’t find them can they?

Along with our arrangements we should put in at least one home security camera. This leaves us a visual of both the outside and the interior of our dwellings at any minute of any day. By using home security monitoring, we can replay hours we aren’t home to ascertain if anyone was lurking close to our homes.

Use deadbolts instead of a spring latch to prevent loiding. Remember that familiar scene when the burglar gains entry within minutes from slipping a credit card into the latch tongue? You can’t pick a deadbolt with a credit card.

A popular movie from the early 90′s taught us that making your house seem lively, makes the burglars unsure. Automatic timers can be utilized to switch on lights, radios and even videos. While hiring household staff, check over references more than once before passing over the keys.

No matter how clever we think we are being, the mailbox, the doormat, arock in the garden or the flower pot on the porch are much too obvious places to conceal a key and thus the first places any potential burglar would look. Plus leaving notes on our doors for service men, it might as well say ‘HELP YOURSELF’.

Securing Doors and Windows

Aside from our home security system, we should install, 1 inch throw deadbolt locks on every door. Any door with a space between the door and frame is vulnerable. A piece of plywood can fix that. Making sure that all our hinges are inside our frames and double lock all patio doors with a bar or piece of wood along its track.

All glass should be fortified, replaced or secured. Protecting windows with a home alarm system, locks and resistant glass.

Home Security System Versus Home Security Monitoring

The security system is a simple device that can be armed or unarmed. While the monitored systems device, is linked to a 24 hour service that can summon authorities when the system triggers.

A security system relies on you or a neighbor to inform 911 of the potential crime. This could mean that law enforcement officers may require anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to get to the residence. By that time the burglar would be long gone. Nevertheless, with the monitored system the authorities will arrive within minutes of the initiation.

Sustaining a home security system, risks the burglar getting away due to the annoyance of false alerts. Ever hear about the boy who cried wolf? With home security monitoring, though the chance is lower, it still does happen.

With both systems it is probable that the alarm itself will frighten away the intruder. Furthermore, the monitoring system allows smoke detectors to be wired into the system. Ensuring that help will be summoned and sent if fire breaks out, even if the alarm is off. And with the home security monitoring, with someone immediately alerted, it prevents family members walking into dangerous situations. Yhe monitored system will also earn you substantial savings from insurance companies.

According to research, homes protected by home monitoring systems which display signs are less probable to be burglarized. The panic button is also part of that system. One push from a family member and a signal is transmitted straight to the station and the proper authorities are sent.

Home Security Camera

In society as it has become today, the need for security cameras within the house has grown. A home security camera has many ways to maintain family safety.

Placing cameras around the perimeter of our homes allows us to see who has arrived at our door. This produces a higher likelihood that any intruder will be recognized and reported before they’re even close.

What about our babysitters? How about our cleaning ladies? Repair guys? Can we say we really know who these people are? We allow so many people into our homes daily that we know nothing about. With a home security camera we can monitor these people. There are even cameras hidden in everyday objects. With these, we can ensure that our family home is safe.

Cameras can also permit us to maintain an eye on what our children are exercising while we are at work.

The Cons Of The Home Alarm System

As with everything else, home alarm systems have things about them that just don’t cut the mustard.

Expensive- Installation could cost thousands of dollars.

Annoying- More than not after a family member carefully sets the alarm, someone else trips it.

High False Alarm Rate- 80% of all tripped alarms are false.

Dogs Are Better Alarms- If you happen to have a dog, you just don’t need an alarm.

They’re Not Fool Proof- Home security systems only work if you remember to activate them.

However, there are more advantages than disadvantages when in comes to home security systems, and home security monitoring. Perhaps these disadvantages are a small price to pay, when it comes to ensuring family safety